Can Menopause Cause Arthritis and Chronic Pain?

If you’re going through menopause, chances are that you’ve noticed pain in various areas of your body, that you never had before. Menopause is one of the biggest changes in a woman’s life and can be overwhelming with questions and concerns about your overall health.

 Why Does My Knee Hurt After Running?

If you’ve been running for a long time or just starting out, you know that muscle soreness after a run is normal. But how normal is knee pain after running? Are you wondering how to determine if the pain is serious enough to see a doctor?

What is a stress fracture?

Stress fractures of bone, whether in the leg, ankle or foot can occur as a result of repetitive activity such as running or jumping. When stress is applied to the bone faster than it can respond, the bone structure begins to fail and pain will radiate from the site of the stressed area.

What Alternative Treatments are There for Pain?

For most people, when you get injured or you’re suffering from chronic pain your first thought is to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or a chiropractor. But there are other options to consider, such as a physiatrist.

 Tackling the Osteoporosis Crisis in the South Jersey Community

It’s no mystery why osteoporosis has been classified as a “silent disease.” But, because of this condition’s lack of symptoms, the country, and our own community, is experiencing a major health crisis: an osteoporosis epidemic.“

 Youth Baseball Injury Prevention

Baseball is generally among the safer sports for children, but shoulder and elbow overuse injuries are a major problem, especially in youth baseball pitchers.

 What Causes Joint Pain During Winter?

While the winter season comes with its own allure, our joints do not feel the same way. For people who already suffer from joint issues such as arthritis, the weather accentuates these concerns causing stiffness and pain. Let's look at a few problems old man winter brings to your joints and how to get through with less pain.