Premier Durable Medical Equipment

The Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers Durable Medical Equipment in a wide range of medical products to help you manage your injury or condition.

Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers all of the durable medical equipment needed to help protect, treat and comfort your Orthopaedic injury or need. If you are using private insurance, Workers Compensation or Medicare to treat your injury you may need to speak with your insurance provider before ordering new equipment.

If you are currently treating with one of our physicians and need to replace old or broken equipment, please contact Dave Negron at 856-982-0558 or email him at [email protected] to schedule an appointment for measurement and size of your equipment.

At Premier, we pride ourselves on delivering PREMIER CARE. Our care starts with LISTENING to how your problem is affecting you. Then, after carefully understanding your difficulties, our board certified and fellowship trained specialists work to use the most advanced diagnostic testing to further clarify and diagnose your ailment. With a clear understanding, we work tirelessly to solve your orthopaedic related problems with the most advanced techniques.