Adam J. Zucconi 
DO, Medical Director of Occupational Medicine, Double Board Certified in Sports Medicine and Family Medicine 

Adam Zucconi

Adam J. Zucconi, DO, serves as the Medical Director of the Occupational Health Department at Premier Orthopedic Associates. Dr. Zucconi is Board Certified in both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. He completed his medical school training at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg, West Virginia. He then completed his residency in Family Medicine and his Sports Medicine Fellowship through the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, New Jersey.

Dr. Zucconi is a non- surgical sports medicine physician who focuses his practice on the evaluation and treatment of occupational and work-related injuries, as well as injuries suffered in the community. He treats a complete continuum of musculoskeletal ailments including concussion, acute strains and sprains, fractures, and degenerative conditions.

Occupational Health Specialist 
Premier Orthopedic Associates, the proven leader in workers compensation has developed a new Occupational Health Facility at the Vineland location. With our dedicated physicians we provide orthopedic excellence and bring that knowledge of injury and functionality to the injured worker. We can evaluate the entire spectrum of work-related injuries and occupational related ailments. Our goal is always to provide our patients with the finest, most advanced treatments, leading to improved outcomes, cost, and decreasing out of work time. We strive to keep employers’ cost to a minimum and maximize employee functional outcome. We have extensive experience helping employers and patients reduce injuries, lower costs, and promote a safe workplace.    

“Treating patients with non-operative options is very satisfying. Whether treating a patient in the community or working collaboratively with the employee - employer team, seeing a patient recover from an injury and return to their functional life and work is rewarding.” - Adam J. Zucconi, DO, Director of Occupational Medicine

Academic Excellence in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine 
Dr. Zucconi is actively involved in academic research. He continues to publish research articles, performs lectures, and is faculty in the Rowan University Family Residency Program and Sports Medicine Fellowship. He utilizes his academic excellence in cutting edge technologies including, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, stem cell therapy, and ultrasound guided evaluations and interventions. He utilizes and recommends appropriate medication and supplementation promoting a plan to help his patients optimize their functionality throughout the life cycle.