Physical Therapy

Premier's therapy sites are professionally managed and operated by experienced licensed physical therapists. Our physical therapists assist patients using equipment like Cybex and Eagle fitness machines, resistance bikes, and treadmills. They also provide modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

Hand therapy offers comprehensive care from the acute phase of injury through independent function. Premier practitioners are licensed occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, some with certifications in the treatment of upper extremity injuries. Our clinical experience spans over 35 years. We specialize in the fabrication of customized splints and offer a variety of treatment modalities.

Premier physical therapy provides a comprehensive array of physical therapy services with state of the art therapeutic techniques which include: Sports rehabilitation, Occupational/Hand Therapy, Spine therapy, Back / Body mechanics education, , Work hardening, Soft - tissue mobilization, athletic training services, Elder care rehabilitation, Home exercise programs.

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At Premier, we pride ourselves on delivering PREMIER CARE, right here, right now. Our care starts with LISTENING to how your problem is affecting you. Then, after carefully understanding your difficulties, our board certified and fellowship trained specialists work to use the most advanced diagnostic testing to further clarify and diagnose your ailment. With a clear understanding, we work tirelessly to solve your orthopaedic related problems with the most advanced techniques, right in your own back yard. Receiving “PREMIER care, right here, right now”!